Racial Equity
Racial Equity

Who We Are

Racial Equity CabarrusĀ is a multiracial, volunteer-driven, county-wide organization composed of people who live and/or work in Cabarrus County.

We care about a future where increasing high school graduation rates, better overall healthcare, greater home ownership, more support for nonprofit leaders that represent various communities, and inclusive congregations that meet the needs of all their members, to name a few, are the norm for people of all races and ethnicities.

Who We Serve

REC serves people in Cabarrus County who want to learn more about the challenges and costs of racism to various communities. By participating in REC educational offerings, individuals can gain the tools to help our organizations and institutions increase fairness in meeting human needs to produce greater societal well-being.     

What We Do

REC creates connections among people and organizations working in Cabarrus County. We collaborate with leaders and representatives of various systems to review and change their culture, policies, and practices to ensure fair outcomes for all people. REC focuses its efforts on the systems of education, healthcare, housing, nonprofits, and religion.

What We Offer

Deconstructing Racism – a two-day workshop designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of race, of the effects of racism in our society, and of the ways we can use new understanding to live and work together differently today and in the future. 

How To Participate

Please click the button below to see the schedule of upcoming workshops and to register.