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Who We Are

Racial Equity Cabarrus is focused on providing racial awareness training to the churches and the leaders in Cabarrus County to gain an understanding of the structural racism that exists in our nation and in our community. With that new understanding, we will take action to transform the systems and structures to provide racial equity.

Focused in Cabarrus county, Racial Equity Cabarrus (REC) is an organization consisting of people of all races. REC includes citizens, civic leaders, and pastors from six churches in the Concord and Kannapolis area. We are committed to the long-term work of addressing racial inequity in the structures that perpetuate white advantage, including the criminal justice, education, housing, legislative, and healthcare systems.

 Alongside the rest of the country, we mourn the catastrophic loss of more than 125,000 lives to Covid-19, and our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to all suffering families as we experience this collective grief and shared anguish over these deaths.

 The cause of recent and unspeakable acts of violence and destruction of property in our country is the senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, as well as the continued display of police brutality towards peaceful protestors exercising their first amendment rights.

 We empathize with the mood and climate of this unrest but we will not allow our justifiable outrage to distract us from confronting the root of its origin, which is the racism communities of color endure on a daily basis. 

We are Racial Equity Cabarrus (REC): an organization committed to the idea of a future where race and ethnicity do not predict individual outcomes across systems. We believe in identifying and addressing systemic racism inherent in our government institutions, in our community and culture.  We invite you to join us in our mission to work to change the culture of our county to rid our institutions and systems of racism.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your interest!  Because of the state-wide restrictions on group gatherings, our workshop schedule has been put "on hold" until we can safely and legally begin again.  Click here to add your name and contact information to our list, and we will let you know when registrations open up.

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