Who We Are

Racial Equity Cabarrus is focused on providing racial awareness training to the churches and the leaders in Cabarrus County to gain an understanding of the structural racism that exists in our nation and in our community. With that new understanding, we will take action to transform the systems and structures to provide racial equity.

Foundational Training:
How Did We Get Here?

Even those who are concerned about racial disparities in all American systems and institutions are challenged in their understanding of how racism remains alive and well, advantaging some while harming others. Racial Equity Institute (REI)’s two-day Phase I training develops the capacity of participants to understand racism in its institutional and structural forms. Moving from individual bigotry and bias, the workshop presents an historical, cultural, structural and institutional analysis of racism, builds the capacity of participants to identify the root causes of disparity and helps establish goals and strategies based on that deeper understanding.

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